Persian Language Classes for the Community

The Baha'is have, for several years, provided language classes to the local Persian Community. 


The school known as Beautiful Blooms Persian School has enabled the children to gain confidence in the Persian language, socialise with the Persian community and value cultural and religious diversity.  The school caters for children between the ages of four to sixteen. *


* Coventry Times, 8th August 2013


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Study Circles

The Bahá'í Faith has no clergy or leaders with spiritual authority over others.

Everyone is encouraged to develop their own spiritual capacity and search for truth.

Study circles are an informal, friendly way to walk a path of spiritual discovery with others. Discover the optimistic, world embracing vision of the Bahá'í Faith in a sequence of small group courses.

Junior Youth and Children's Classes

We have numerous Children's classes and Junior Youth groups. These classes are a moral, intellectual and social programme developed especially for Children and Junior Youth. 

Abdu’l-Bahá describes the period of youth in these words:


‘After a time he enters the period of youth in which his former conditions and needs are superseded by new requirements applicable to the advance in his degree. His faculties of observation are broadened and deepened, his intelligent capacities are trained and awakened, the limitations and environment of childhood no longer restrict his energies and accomplishments.’


In a letter to a youth, Abdu’l-Bahá says:


'The period of youth is characterised by strength and vigour and stands out as the choicest time in human life. Therefore you should strive day and night so that endowed with heavenly strength, inspired with brilliant motives and aided by His celestial power and heavenly grace and confirmation; you may become the ornaments of the world of humanity…'



During the period of youth, the potential for development and progress is great. Education and encouragement can empower youth to take responsibility for their lives and their surroundings and “become the ornaments of the world of humanity”.