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Holy Days and the Baha'i Calendar


Bahá'ís mark certain days each year as special. These Holy Days recall significant events in the history of the Bahá'í Faith and in the lives of its central figures. Bahá'ís do not work on nine out of the total of eleven Holy Days throughout the year.

There is also a fast during the last month of the Bahá'í year (2-20 March). During this time Bahá'ís do not eat or drink from sunrise to sunset. The end of the fast is celebrated with the Bahá'í New Year, called Naw-Ruz (21 March).

The Bahá'í Faith has its own calendar. There are 19 months, each of which has 19 days. There are several Intercalary Days to complete a full solar year of 365 days. These are from 26 February to 1 March. They are days of charity and gift-giving.

For convenience Holy Days are currently celebrated on the same Gregorian calendar date each year. If you would like to join us at our Holy Days meetings please email us on for further details.